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Food Fun For Picky Eaters

I love finding a new food that makes feeding picky eaters easier. Horizon just came out with " Organic Colby Cheese Shapes" and it's exactly the kind of fun snack to help get picky eaters to try something new. Introducing a new food to a choosy eater can present quite the challenge, but it's important to constantly find ways to expand their food reportoire. That can be acheived by changing the color or shape of a food your child already enjoys. During feeding therapy sessions, I often pull out cookie cutters and have the children touch and interact with the cheese. This is an important step when introducing new foods. As a busy mom, I know we don't always have time to be using cookie cutters. Having access to a grab and go find like these by Horizon are easy and fun both in therapy or packed in a lunch. Effortless and effective make these healthy snacks a win for any parent.

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