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3 Halloween Crafts That Work Fine Motor Skills


There are plenty of fun Halloween themed crafts to keep your kids enaged while helping them work their fine motor skills. Here are 3 easy crafts you can try.

Pumpkin Squeeze Paints

October is pumpkin painting time. I like to add a little twist by using squeeze paints to work on hand strengthening and provide some proprioceptive input into the hands. Not only is it fun but a sneaky way to work on Fine Motor skills. These squeeze paints are from Lakeshore and I can’t recommend them enough because they never dry out.

photo 1_edited.JPG

photo 2_edited.JPG

Pumpkin Faces

Grab some construction paper and pom poms to make these silly faces! You can use tweezers or chopsticks if you don't have popcorn fork available to work on pincher grasp.


Pumpkin Sponge Painting

You can get extra creative by cutting sponges into a bunch of fun shapes! This is another fun way to work pincher grasp and fine motor skills.


Happy Halloween!

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