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At Kids communicate we specialize in providing functional assessments of tethered oral tissues in children. For over 15 years we have been working with leading specialists in the New York area to support our patients through successful releases minimizing the risk of reattachment and scar tissue formation. Families are supported to find the optimal time for release based on the child’s autonomic nervous system, functional shifts in speech and feeding as well as family dynamics. Since every child is
unique therapy is not a set number of sessions but instead tailored to the child’s needs. We customize Pre and postoperative myofunctional programs for each patient that are fun and engaging to optimize recovery and healing after surgery. We have expertise in the myofascial release which is a unique and an integral component to our patient’s positive surgical outcomes. Tethered Oral Tissues Therapy following release targets engaging previously unused intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles in new movement patterns to retrain compensatory swallowing, chewing, breathing and speech patterns acquired as a result of the tethered oral tissue.

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