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Feeding Therapy

Sequential Oral Sensory ( SOS)

Can Eat Therapy approach

Oral - Sensory - Motor Therapy

The SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) feeding program addresses problematic feeding behaviors by increasing a child's comfort level, allowing them to explore and learn about the different properties of food, such as texture, taste, smell, and consistency. Through SOS, children interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way.


Sensory perception and movement patterns are inextricably connected. Each system is dependent on the other. At Kids Communicate we recognize the importance of the relationship between sensory processing and oral sensory-motor skills in feeding development. During an evaluation we carefully assess sensory and motor functions to develop individualized pre-feeding and feeding programs with the goal of improving muscle tone, sensory processing, postural control and ultimately improving nutritional intake. Children that benefit from a Sensory Motor feeding program include those with complex medical histories, feeding aversions, difficulties transitioning to solids, and neuromuscular disorders. 


The CAN-EAT Approach is assessment and treatment method that blends behavioral principles with therapeutic skills to address feeding difficulites in children.


This approach is child-guided rather than child-directed. By paying attention to the subtle signs from the child, treatment occurs at a pace where the child is able to develop skills and confidence. TR-eat ™ integrates oral motor therapy techniques and behavioral management for the treatment of complex feeding problems.

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