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Manual Therapy

Integrative bodywork is a unique component of our therapy programs. We combine modalities of Myofascial release, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Cross Fiber Manipulation to release cranial strains and tension patterns. There is a reciprocal relation between structure and function and a  head to toe connection of fascia in the body therefore Oral motor exercise programs alone are often not sufficient to harmonious muscle balance of the Cranial Facial Respiratory complex. Manual therapy helps remove  restrictions which interfere with  mobility and alignment. In the absence of these roadblocks our patients are able to achieve their optimal  potential for  feeding, breathing, oral rest posture, sleep  and  speech.   


Who is Manual Therapy for?

• Infants struggling with feeding  both bottle and breast

• Children and adults with chewing,  swallowing  dysfunction 

• Patients going through traditional and  airway focused orthodontistry. 

•Pre and post frenectomy

•Children with speech sound disorders resulting from  decreased mobility and range of motion of the articulators

•Voice disorders

• Facial and jaw pain secondary to a Myofunctional Disorder

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